Welcome to our website. We're the leading provider of Forensic and Retrospective Reviews and Appraisals, Listing Appraisals in South Florida.

With many years of experience in the business, we have a proven track record of finding mistakes, errors, omissions, and plain fraud in past appraisals. Do you feel the previous appraisal was faulty? so do many others. In fact Over 60% of all appraisals completed in South Florida from 2001 to 2007 were completed by trainee appraisers and completed with major faults. This practice still continues with State Certified Appraisers. Remember the more number you hit the more work you get. Who suffers?, you the home owner.

We're the leader in South Florida providing retrospective and forensic reviews and appraisals. Fannie Mae has been going after these faulty appraisals and forcing the banks, who hired these appraisers, to buy back these mortgages. You and your attorney may be able to force the banks to buy back your mortgage or at least work with you on a solution so that you don't lose everything you have invested due to some appraisal company just trying to "hit a number". This is a small investment to make that can save you many thousands.

Are you selling you home?. Don't let the real estate broker list the home for more than the banks will loan. This is a typical scenario used by realtors. They over price your home to get the listing, Than try to lower your contract price when the bank refuses to lend on it. That's where we come in.

We can perform a certified appraisal on you home to let you know the amount the banks would lend. We can help you be informed of the true value of your largest investment.

It would be great if everyone was a cash buyer, but that's not reality. Don't wait an extra month to find out that your buyers did not get the mortgage and can easily back out due to the stipulation in the contract that reads "contingent on appraisal". At this point you have the opportunity to either lower your price or you have just lost a month's time, a prospective buyer, and gained extra stress.

Remember one important piece of information, the realtor is not your friend, they get 6% of the selling price. There are all sorts of games these people play. Just consider them Car Salesmen for houses.